Integration Technologies Group, Inc.

SEWP V Contract Number: NNG15SC79B

CAGE Code: 1EJ55


SEWP V Products

Under NASA SEWP V, ITG provides the United States Federal agencies with an array of Information, Communication, and AV products. Please contact us for a full list of products available on contract.

Ordering Guide

All US Federal agencies are able to purchase products and services from the SEWP V Contract. Please contact us today for information on how to buy or sell products on a SEWP Contract.

Download SEWP-V Ordering Guide

Contract Support

ITG’s Global Help Desk support is available 24x7x365. We provide our customers with a US based Help Desk and IT management services that deliver uncompromising support on a global scale.


ITG has a tested and proven history of uncompromising performance in support of all branches of the U.S. Military. As a prime contract holder, ITG continues to deliver IT products, services, and support to our Nations Armed Forces.