SEWP V Contract Products

ITG can provide you with:

  • Information Technology [Computer Hardware, Tablets Storage, Security]
  • Software & Cloud Software [Virtualization and Cloud Computing XaaS (e.g. SaaS=Storage as a Service)]
  • Networking & Communications [Network Appliances: Routers, Modems, Telecommunication Devices and Monthly Service]
  • Supporting Technology [Scanners, Printers, Copiers, Shredders Associated Supplies and Accessories Sensors, Health IT]
  • AV/Conferencing [A/V Equipment and Accessories, TVs, Display Monitors, Projectors and Screens]
  • Services [Maintenance / Warranty Site Planning / Installation Product Based Training, Product Based Engineering Services]

Looking for a quote for hardware, software, or IT services?

Contact: Integration Technologies Group, Inc.

Phone: 703-698-8282NASA_logo.svg

Contract Number: NNG15SC79B

CAGE Code: 1EJ55



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